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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber - The Elder Scrolls Online

    Bethesda's first foray into an Elder Scrolls MMO officially kicks off today with The Elder Scrolls Online for PC. In this Test Chamber we join a party to explore a mid-level dungeon and take down a boss at the end. Join Matt Miller and Daniel Tack as they take a dungeon dive into The Elder Scrolls... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls Online First Impressions

    I’ve sunk a good 40 hours into Zenimax Online’s take on Tamriel, but MMORPGs require more time than others to fully evaluate. It may be too early to offer a definitive opinion on the latest iteration of the Elder Scrolls universe, but I have learned a lot from my time with the game so far... More
  • Blog Post: How To Get Married In The Elder Scrolls Online

    Looking to get married in the latest Elder Scrolls game? If you want to get married in The Elder Scrolls Online, the first thing you’ll need is access to a copy of the Imperial Edition of the game, digital Imperial Edition is $79.99 as compared to the digital Standard Edition at $59.99. You’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Modeling Morality Pt 2: The Choices Of Dishonored

    Continuing the discussion from part one , which focused on the morality system of Dishonored, Game Informer's Adam Biessener talks with co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio about their emphasis on player choice. They discuss the power of player feedback in games and how Arx Fatalis... More
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