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  • Blog Post: Music Spotlight: Wasteland 2/Fallout: New Vegas Composer Mark Morgan

    Mark Morgan's ethereal, electronic music-influenced game scores have helped convey the emotion in such games as Fallout: New Vegas, Planescape: Torment, and Need for Speed: Shift. He's currently working on Brian Fargo's much-anticipated Wasteland 2. We spoke to Morgan about his background... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Wasteland 2's Brian Fargo

    We caught up with Interplay co-founder and Wasteland 2 mastermind Brian Fargo recently to get his thoughts on the evolution of the game industry, post-apocalyptic hellscapes, and Kickstarter’s strengths and weaknesses. When you’re done with this, be sure to check out our Classic GI section... More
  • Blog Post: How An Obscure Prog Rock Band Kickstarted A Game Revolution

    Since Double Fine used the site Kickstarter to raise over $3 million for its as-yet-unannounced adventure, crowd-funded video game projects have become a phenomenon in the industry. Eschewing the traditional route of securing development money from major publishers or investors, many game developers... More
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