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  • Blog Post: Oculus Rift And HTC Vive Go Head-To-Head

    No matter when you were born, you can probably recall hearing about the dream of virtual reality. Whether it was the misfires of projects like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, or movies like Tron , The Lawnmower Man , or The Matrix , the promise of an engaging virtual world has been tantalizingly out of... More
  • Blog Post: The HTC Vive Review

    Experimental, Inconsistent, and Sometimes Magical Two heads may indeed be better than one. A project that neither HTC nor Valve could bring to fruition alone has found life through an intense cooperative venture, and the result is the Vive. The virtual-reality headset marks a new direction both for the... More
  • Blog Post: Taking VirZoom, The VR Exercise Bike, For A Longer Spin

    Last December, I got a quick look at VirZoom , an exercise bike that doubles as a game controller for virtual reality headsets. I was fairly positive on the equipment and concept, but questioned its ease of use without a trained person around to get you set up, and how long the experience could remain... More
  • Blog Post: Making The Most Of Elite: Dangerous In And Out Of VR With A Flight Stick And Voice Commands

    Virtual reality presents unique challenges when it comes to input. Two of the leading platforms, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, require PCs, but by necessity create issues with the typical interface device: mouse and keyboard. This leaves us with more limited options. Gamepads work great, but they have significantly... More
  • Blog Post: Eight Video Game Franchises That Make Sense For VR

    No more waiting; VR is finally here. Except we are still waiting – waiting for some games that we’d really like to play with our new toys. The Rift and Vive both have some novel launch experiences, but they are a far cry from the system-selling titles that gamers are used to seeing year-in... More
  • Blog Post: Sony’s Heads Of PlayStation VR Discuss Virtual Reality’s Future

    PlayStation VR is poised to take the console market by storm as the first virtual-reality system to be released from any of the three major home-console manufacturers. Rather than the typical competition of Microsoft and Nintendo, however, Sony Computer Entertainment must focus on challengers from the... More
  • Blog Post: 10 VR Games That You Can (And Should) Play This Year

    At a recent HTC Vive event near Valve's headquarters in Seattle, we got a chance to play several upcoming VR projects set to release this year. Many of these games aren't exclusive to the HTC Vive either, so even if you've already pre-ordered an Oculus Rift, these are 10 VR projects you should... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis – No, Virtual Reality Isn’t Dead Because The Rift Costs $600

    This morning, Oculus finally revealed the price for the first consumer Rift . The virtual reality headset will cost you $600, including an Xbox One controller and wireless adapter, wireless remote, and tracking camera. As expected, reactions to the cost have been emphatic. Some have gone so far as to... More
  • Blog Post: Making Room For The Vive – Valve And HTC Think They Have A Better Way To Do VR

    Technology constantly reshapes the rooms in our homes. A few centuries ago, our living rooms were filled with fine artwork, musical instruments, and other worldly trinkets designed to impress and entertain dinner guests. But when the radio showed up – promising a steady stream of news and gossip... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy's Sam Lake On The Magic Of VR

    Last month we unveiled a month of exclusive coverage on Remedy Entertainment's upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break . As part of a conversation with that game's creative director Sam Lake on the future of interactive storytelling , we talked about the potential for virtual reality in the... More
  • Blog Post: Insomniac, Supermassive, And More Discuss The Difficulties Of VR

    Whenever a new and exciting gaming technology hits the market, enthusiastic developers explore new angles to captivate their user base. Never before have developers been able to put their target audiences in the middle of the action the way virtual-reality headsets can. The potential of VR is undeniable... More
  • Blog Post: How Competitors Are Collaborating To Overcome The Challenges Of VR

    Whether you’re talking Facebook’s massive investment in Oculus or Sony’s huge interest in the tech, the stakes are high in 2016 for virtual reality. The Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR are all slated to hit retail next year. During this type of blitz you would normally hear a bunch of... More
  • Blog Post: Going Hands (And Feet) On With The Virtual Reality Exercise Bike VirZoom

    When most of us work out using cardio equipment or go running, we distract ourselves to make the pain and tedium less noticeable. Whether you pop in your earbuds as you run through the park or throw Netflix on your iPad when you jump on the Stairmaster, we're always looking for ways to trick our... More
  • Blog Post: Supermassive Talks The Thrills Of Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

    Virtual reality’s ability to immerse players is unparalleled, and Supermassive Games plans on taking full advantage of that with its upcoming thrill ride Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. The VR game, which is set in the Until Dawn universe, delivers a decidedly different experience than the studio’s... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – I’m Sold On VR’s Tech, But Not Its Practicality

    I’m underwater aboard a sunken ship. Rather than swimming and struggling to hold my breath, however, I’m walking effortlessly, shooing away tiny fish with the paddles in my hands. I spend a couple minutes exploring the small space around me before I am surprised to see a massive whale slowly... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Time Magazine VR Cover Spoofs

    The cover of this week's Time magazine is all about VR and Oculus Rift, and unfortunately the results aren't great. Thankfully, the Internet has pushed up its sleeves and made the best of it. If you haven't seen it yet, it features Oculus VR founder and inventor Palmer Luckey awkwardly leaping... More
  • Blog Post: First Time Virtual Reality Reactions From My 64-Year-Old Father

    When it comes to virtual reality, I’m broken-in. I remember the excitement I had when putting on an HD Oculus Rift for the first time, but I’ve had so many VR experiences that I can’t recapture that virgin amazement. When Samsung offered to loan us a Samsung Gear VR unit, the first... More
  • Blog Post: Valve's First Foray Into Virtual Reality Is A Convincing One

    Three days after Valve announced its virtual reality partnership with HTC, we finally had a chance to test out the technology we have heard rumors about from giddy developers for a couple years. Though the initial setup is much more cumbersome than the other VR demos we've tried, once you drop into... More
  • Blog Post: Vrvana Announces Oculus Competitor With Onboard Cameras, Hardware Acceleration

    At GDC this year, I spent a lot of my time checking out different virtual reality solutions to see if there were any real competitors for the Oculus Rift. Sony’s Project Morpheus was the most impressive contender, with the mobile-powered Gameface branching off in the direction of self-contained... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are Some Of The Developers Working On Gear VR Games

    Earlier today, Samsung and Oculus announced a new partnership that will pair virtual reality with mobile devices. The Gear VR may be new to us, but developers are already hard at work on building games for the device. Harmonix, which just yesterday released Dance Central Spotlight and announced a new... More
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