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  • Blog Post: Which Controller Is The Loudest? Sounding Off On Controller Noise

    Recently, while making my way through Infamous Second Son as the rest of my household was asleep, I could distinctly hear my controller echoing through the house. It wasn't from the speaker built into the controller I always forget is there that periodically emits noise to remind you of its existence... More
  • Blog Post: The Nintendo Difference: Nintendo’s Impact On Gaming

    Nintendo has been involved in the video game industry for nearly four decades, and the company hasn’t remained as popular as it has by following other people’s lead. Nearly every generation, Nintendo has led a charge of innovation that has fundamentally reshaped the gaming world. These innovations... More
  • Blog Post: A Look Back At 3D Console Gaming

    In case you haven't heard, gamers are really, really interested in playing video games in 3D. At least that's what we're constantly being told by PR reps, anyway. From Nintendo's newly debuted 3DS to Sony's line of 3D-ready HDTVs, a large portion of the industry believes 3D will play... More
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