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  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – Ico

    Ico is one of the titles most commonly used in the "games as art" debate, but regardless of your opinion on that issue, you can appreciate this mysterious and charming adventure. What starts as a simple puzzle game evolves into a memorable journey unlike anything else in gaming. You control... More
  • Blog Post: David Cage On Self-Doubt And Admiring Team Ico

    Whenever people talk about storytelling in games, the name David Cage isn't far away. As the director of Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, Cage has spoken at length about the power of interactive stories and the need to advance the maturity of the medium. We sat down with him recently... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Fumito Ueda on The Last Guardian

    One of the perks of TGS is that usually reclusive Japanese developers come out in spades. This being true, GI editors Meagan VanBurkleo and Jeff Cork had a chance to chat with famed Team Ico lead Fumito Ueda about his thematic trilogy, design mantra and his latest PlayStation 3 project, The Last Guardian... More
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