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  • Blog Post: Matthew Kato's Top Five Games Of Last Generation

    I've been playing games for many years now, and I couldn't be more fond of the last console generation. It doesn't have the excitement of the new systems nor the romance of past golden eras, but when I look back on the last generation of gaming I feel like we've experienced a high point... More
  • Blog Post: Ben Hanson's Top Five Games Of Last Generation

    Back in July we published a list of some of the greatest developers in our industry sharing their favorite games from the last generation . Ever since then I've been trying to lock down my personal list. There's the oddball choices like Mushroom Wars or Driver: San Francisco that might have made... More
  • Blog Post: The Five Most Forgettable Final Fantasy Summons

    Summoned monsters provide some of the most memorable moments in the Final Fantasy series. All fans remember the first time they saw Bahamut use megaflare, or watched the Knights of the Round take their turns dealing damage. Some of these monsters and their signature attacks have grown into iconic parts... More
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