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  • Blog Post: Where Does Majora’s Mask Fit Within Zelda’s Chronology?

    For years, The Legend of Zelda has included games that echo names, locations, and enemies drawn from previous installments. However, until recently, Nintendo had never revealed any sort of official timeline to communicate about how each game fits together within the larger framework. That changed in... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Time Commando

    In Time Commando, Stanley must explore a simulation of the past to save the present by collecting yellow triangles, fighting bears, and battling Loy. Armed with only our awkward yellow jumpsuit and a powerful forward leap, it's up to us to do some sort of ambiguous heroics. To be honest, we're... More
  • Blog Post: Cheating The Hourglass: Time Travel In Video Games

    When I was 13, one of my absolute favorite games was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Sands of Time absorbed my life when I first received it. I had never played the original, but the PlayStation 2 release quickly became my go-to option when I got home from school every day. Any whippersnappers reading... More
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