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  • Blog Post: Meet Fall of Cybertron's Bruticus

    Transformers fans have only a few weeks left to wait until Fall of Cybertron arrives on August 21st. Though the game will offer plenty of new characters to play as, one of the most exciting options will be the ability to control the giant combiner robot known as Bruticus. High Moon Studios and Activision... More
  • Blog Post: Time Lapse Video: Creating An Everquest II Boss

    Whether you've ever played an MMO or not, this glimpse into the process behind creature art creation is fascinating. Ever wondered about how that imposing dragon came together before showing up in your favorite game? We received this extremely cool video from Christopher Atkins, a character artist... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim: The Time-Lapse Video

    Concept art plays a key role in designing games, helping studios visualize and craft the world before it ever gets put into code. As development continues, the art team continues to refine the aesthetics of the world and its characters, providing images to inspire the team and the outside world alike... More
  • Blog Post: Optimus Primed: A Time Lapse Look At An Autobot's Creation

    The developers behind Transformers: War For Cybertron have an interesting task when it comes to their game's creation. Fans of the cartoon have a very specific view of how the robots in disguise look, but various iterations throughout the years have tweaked their image substantially. Many were irked... More
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