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  • Blog Post: What If Amiibos Worked With All Your Favorite Nintendo Consoles?

    Aside from being adorable and addicting collectables, Nintendo's Amiibo figures are also able to interact with certain Wii U and 3DS titles. We've already made some predictions about what Amiibo we'd like to see in the future, but what if Amiibo had been around in gaming's good ol'... More
  • Blog Post: The Pulse – Game Informer's Weekly Top 10

    The Pulse is Game Informer's weekly ranking of the hottest games according to our team. Each Monday we tally up the games with the biggest buzz based on number of editors playing and the time they put into them. In the third week of The Pulse, most editors set aside an afternoon or night to knock... More
  • Blog Post: Where Does Majora’s Mask Fit Within Zelda’s Chronology?

    For years, The Legend of Zelda has included games that echo names, locations, and enemies drawn from previous installments. However, until recently, Nintendo had never revealed any sort of official timeline to communicate about how each game fits together within the larger framework. That changed in... More
  • Blog Post: Five Gaming Urban Legends That Should Be Debunked

    Atari's legendary stash of buried E.T. Atari cartridges was a true story that eventually faded into the gaming landscape and became an urban legend. Lightbox Interactive and Fuel Industries has recently exhumed the New Mexican landfill containing these cartridges, but there are still plenty of urban... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Creepiest Masks In Video Games

    Masks serve many functions in video games. Sometimes they’re just used to change a character’s appearance, and sometimes they bestow bonuses or trigger transformations. It’s undeniable, however, that some of the best or most memorable masks are also pretty creepy. Whether it’s... More
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