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  • Blog Post: Opinion – Why I Don’t Like Early Game Announcements

    I get it. We all like to get excited for what’s awaiting us. We want to know the future looks bright for our favorite hobby. You could say I’m impatient, but I actually prefer when I don’t know about a game until its release is a year or so away. I know that’s not a likely window... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Save The Last Guardian And Put It On The PlayStation 4

    Team Ico's The Last Guardian recently delivered a double dose of disappointment to gamers – first when it did not appear at E3 as rumored, and later when Sony's Jack Tretton said the game was on hiatus . There have been rumors that the oft-delayed game is being moved to the PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: The Last Guardian's Development Woes – A Timeline

    If you checked the site earlier this morning, you learned that the long-dormant The Last Guardian is back in the news. It seems that we may be seeing its first official appearance in quite some time next week , and it got us thinking of the long road it's taken to get here. June 2009 – The... More
  • Blog Post: Where Are They Now?

    There is a lot of excitement for this holiday's games and what's coming early next year, but there are also a number of titles that we've been clamoring for whose release dates are not as certain. We take a look at some of these titles and their chances of coming out in the near future. New... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Fumito Ueda on The Last Guardian

    One of the perks of TGS is that usually reclusive Japanese developers come out in spades. This being true, GI editors Meagan VanBurkleo and Jeff Cork had a chance to chat with famed Team Ico lead Fumito Ueda about his thematic trilogy, design mantra and his latest PlayStation 3 project, The Last Guardian... More
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