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  • Blog Post: Watch Us Be The Very Best At Pokkén Tournament

    Pokkén Tournament is a strange beast. The Pokémon Company handled publishing duties for this off-shoot, while Bandai Namco handled development. You will find elements of Tekken as well as open brawler fighting games like CyberConnet2's Naruto games or Power Stone. To put it through... More
  • Blog Post: 12 Familiar Franchises You Didn't Realize Went Free-to-play

    Free-to-play may not be the total future of the video game industry, but it is absolutely a crucial part of it. From brand new brands to – as this list oulines – established franchises with a fanbase already in place, so many games have adopted the model that it's hard to keep up. These... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Take On Ono-San In Street Fighter X Tekken

    As two of the biggest fighting fans in the office, Jason and myself were excited to hear that Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono would be visiting the office this week. Along with his assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano and global relations manager Dan Pantumsinchai, he brought a new build of the upcoming... More
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