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  • Blog Post: Clash Of The Titans: How Gaming's Iconic Creatures And Bosses Measure Up

    Have you ever wondered how giant creatures and machines from completely different games would look if they stood side by side? We took some of the biggest and most well-known bosses and creatures in video game history and calculated how they would stack up shoulder to shoulder. This chart originally... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Boss Battle Themes

    A good boss battle serves as a climax for your journey. It often takes everything you have learned to triumph over the most deadly and epic of foes. These battles require suitably complex and epic boss-battle music to elevate the action and make them even more memorable. Here are 10 of the best boss... More
  • Blog Post: The Essentials – Super Metroid

    Welcome to another installment of The Essentials, our weekly feature that showcases the best games our interactive medium has to offer. These games have set a high bar, and might be considered "required reading" for any video game fan. We've already looked at a slew of memorable titles... More
  • Blog Post: Five 16-Bit Games That Should Get 16-Bit Sequels

    I always hoped Mega Man 9 would start a trend of sequels to classic games recreated in all their original pixelated glory. Plenty of independent developers have crafted original pixelated experiences inspired by the style of 16-bit Super Nintendo games, but my hope that more developers would craft games... More
  • Blog Post: Learn All About Charity Speedrunning From The Games Done Quick PAX Panel

    Games Done Quick, the speedrun promoting, raising money for charity organization hosted a panel at PAX that detailed the culture of speedrunning, and how it has turned it into a nonprofit business. The panel was hosted by Games Done Quick’s Christopher Grant, Awesome Games Done Quick organizer... More
  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – Super Metroid

    Thanks to the boom in indie gaming, the past few years have offered players countless great experiences that you can get through in a single day. However, having an extra day to sit at home and play video games makes me nostalgic for some of my favorite childhood gaming experiences, and Super Metroid... More
  • Blog Post: Speedrunning Super Metroid: A Guided Tour

    When we played Super Metroid for Super Replay , it took over five hours. However, a dedicated community of gamers are committed to beating the SNES classic as quickly as possible. They achieve clear times as low as 45 minutes, accomplished by an array of amazing and precise tricks. These techniques are... More
  • Blog Post: From The Game Informer Archives: Samus' Lost Super Metroid Profile

    Game Informer's roots begin in the early '90s. In an era before reliable computer communication, our publication received and archived piles of physical press releases, fact sheets, and other slices from gaming history. Past dives into the GI archives brought up a fact sheet for a canceled 16... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo’s Missed Virtual Console Opportunities

    Nintendo has one of video games’ most impressive backlogs, but it is missing a lot of golden opportunities with its Virtual Console. Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 was Mario’s first 3D platforming adventure, and set a standard for the genre for years to come, but ahead... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Super Metroid's Hyper Beam

    Samus is one of the most powerful bounty hunters in the galaxy, so we don't often see her facing opponents she can't handle. In Super Metroid, the fight against Mother Brain brings Samus to the brink of destruction -- but she is rescued by an unlikely ally and given the weapon she needs to survive... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Invaluable Gaming Items & Abilities

    Many games give you tons of weapons or endow you with more abilities than Inspector Gadget. But there are a few potent abilities and items that stand out from the pack. From shape-shifting vampire powers to the common bottle, these are ten items and abilities that permanently change the way you play... More
  • Blog Post: Super Metroid T-Shirt Contest: The Winners Are...

    We played through Super Metroid in our most recent Super Replay , and we decided to have our ridiculous inside jokes and off-kilter discussions immortalized in t-shirt form. So, we turned to the Game Informer community to create the designs that would adorn two different Super Metroid themed shirts.... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – Super Metroid

    Metroid is one of the most beloved series in gaming, and Super Metroid is a perfect example of everything fans want from Samus. Awesome upgrades, bizarre creatures, and plenty of exploration make this a true classic of the 16-bit era – and a landmark title in video game history. Join us as we play... More
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