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  • Blog Post: Top 50 Challenge 2014 - Thief

    Andy Reiner challenged me to test my stealth skills in Eidos Montreal's reboot of the Thief franchise? Did this game steal my heart? You'll have to read on to find out (Get it? I said "steal" my heart because the game about a guy who steals things...pretty clever). I like to go into... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Styx: Master Of Shadows

    This stealth title is so low-profile it sneaked under our radar when it released over a month ago. Now we're finally investigating Styx: Master of Shadows, which we didn't even know existed until it popped up in a video ad on our site. Developed by Cyanide and published by Focus Home Interactive... More
  • Blog Post: Versus Mode – Debating Dishonored

    In 2012, Arkane Studios released a stealth friendly action-adventure game inspired by the classic Thief series. As soon as I saw Arkane Studios' gothic steampunk-inspired world and the first-person action that allowed players to teleport across a level and possess rats, I knew I was going to like... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords: Thief Devs Shed Light On Long Loads, Dishonored Similarities

    Thief is a fairly traditional stealth game that pays homage to its original series class roots. While some people felt that it might not have been innovative enough, we had a lot of fun sneaking through its shadows. We spoke to senior producer Stéphane Roy about the game’s much debated development... More
  • Blog Post: Fight For The Top 50 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    The only part of hide and seek I ever really liked was the hiding. I love being a ninja – watching others and knowing they can't see me. I love the idea of getting so close to someone that you could touch them, and yet they have no idea that you're there. Some people would call me a creeper... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dark

    I had never heard of Dark until Reiner told me to come into his office and watch him play it. He claimed it was worse than Ride To Hell: Retribution , which immediately got my attention. I haven't seen enough of the game to know if I agree with him or not, but it sure did look like total crap. Just... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Thief

    We tap developer Eidos-Montreal to answer all of your burning questions about the upcoming stealth reboot. Game Informer's Ben Reeves and Bryan Vore are joined by Eidos-Montreal producer Stephane Roy and lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt as we talk about the game's deeper stealth mechanics... More
  • Blog Post: Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #237

    A few months ago we asked readers whether they approach deadly video game situations with stealth or guns blazing. Our readers overwhelmingly prefer stealth, but we heard from some trigger-happy gamers as well. Here are some of the responses. Sneak King: When I have the choice between stealth and guns... More
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