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  • Blog Post: One Night Stand: Madden NFL 25

    I've always been a football fan, but I've never really liked football video games. Can this armchair quarterback master the digital gridiron in a few hours? I decided to play Madden 25 for my second One Night Stand for two reasons: one, I am a big fan of football and two, it's as far from... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Sports Storytelling Is Brimming With Potential

    Every player, every game, every season has a story. Whether it’s the underdog who wins the championship or the star player falling from grace, sports are full of highs and lows. So often during sports games, I fill in these trials and successes myself. I’ll play as a rookie and turn heads... More
  • Blog Post: What I Do & Do Not Want To See From Next-Gen Sports Games

    Sports games will be front and center when the new systems come out, but let’s not get carried away by the hype. I’ve been bamboozled by my fair share of console launches. In previous console generations I got so caught up in the glitz and the newness of the moment that I lost sight of whether... More
  • Blog Post: 110 Percent: What We Could Learn From Sports Games

    Some may think sports games exist in their own separate universe, but there are some things that these old stick and ball games do right that titles of all genres could take cues from. In an age where hard genre classifications are a thing of the past and developers are taking inspiration from games... More
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