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  • Blog Post: The Legend Of Obsidian: The Game

    When embarking on the trip to Obsidian Entertainment, we never could have guessed that we'd actually be getting two exclusive game reveals. Upon entering the studio, our eyes were immediately drawn to the modest arcade cabinet sitting in the dining area. From the mind of South Park: The Game programmer... More
  • Blog Post: Obsidian's Favorite South Park Episodes

    Ever since we decided to put South Park: The Game on the cover of the January issue of Game Informer, we here in the office have been sharing and reciting our favorite moments from the show. From the Asspen episode to the commercial for the "Wild Wacky Action Bike" , there are too many incredible... More
  • Blog Post: Back To Basics: Animating South Park: The Game

    Shon Stewart is an animation geek. He animated some 2D projects while in college but quickly learned the art of 3D animation for projects like Fallout: New Vegas. Now he's the lead animator on South Park: The Game and his primary directive is to dissect the animation of South Park and recreate it... More
  • Blog Post: Capturing The Sounds Of South Park

    The voices of Matt Stone and Trey Parker have become synonymous with comedic gold. A majority of the voices in South Park are performed by the two creators and the same will hold true for South Park: The Game. Obsidian Entertainment's audio director Scott Lawlor is in charge of not just implementing... More
  • Blog Post: This One's Different: Developing A True South Park Game

    Some may look at Obsidian Entertainment's catalog of games and say that developing a 2D RPG based on South Park must be a piece of cake, but the team says it presents itself as a "different" challenge. Between converting their Dungeon Siege III engine to present a 2D world, precisely recreating... More
  • Blog Post: Good Times With Weapons: The Combat of South Park

    Combine Obsidian Entertainment's extensive knowledge of RPG design with the personal gaming tastes of South Park's Matt Stone and Trey Parker and you end up with the combat mechanics of South Park: The Game. Taking cues from the Paper Mario series, the combat is a turn-based exercise that depends... More
  • Blog Post: Crafting The South Park RPG

    Feargus Urquhart loves RPGs. As the lead designer on Fallout 2 and one of the founders of RPG-centric Obsidian Entertainment, Urquhart and the rest of the team are not approaching South Park: The Game as a simple licensed title. A lot of thought is going into the challenge of creating a light-hearted... More
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