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  • Blog Post: Replay – Shadow Of The Colossus

    When we first launched Replay over five years ago, we immediately started discussing ways to make it better. Ideas like "Wouldn't it be cool if we had cameras in the studio?" and "We should create a competitive league that culminates in a tournament," were tossed around, but were... More
  • Blog Post: How Uncharted 4 Is Taking Game Technology To The Next Level

    In our visit to Naughty Dog’s office last month, we talked extensively with the development team about the technology behind Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and the challenges tied to bringing this beloved series to PlayStation 4. The team is tapping the PlayStation 4 to enhance every aspect... More
  • Blog Post: The Secret Depth Of Uncharted 4’s Art Design

    The dense foliage of Madagascar holds many secrets. The bones of the dead highlight failed attempts at uncovering its mysteries, and the trees blanket the sigils that once pointed to the whereabouts of a lifetime of riches. This world is teeming with life. Birds take to the skies, waterfalls tumble in... More
  • Blog Post: Dissecting The Characters Of Uncharted 4

    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End pushes players to unearth one of the greatest pirate treasures of all – Henry Avery’s stash, worth an estimated two to four hundred million dollars. For thrill-seeker Nathan Drake, Avery’s haul has been somewhat of a white whale. He’s chased it... More
  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – Journey

    Journey can be finished in a day but it will stick with you long after that, which is what makes it perfect while you relax on Labor Day. The game is best suited to play in one sitting in order to immerse yourself, and it can be completed in a few hours. That being said, the game is just the right length... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Ratchet & Clank

    The friendship shared between a space rodent and a tiny robot has kept us enchanted with Insomniac Games' long-running Ratchet & Clank series since it debuted on PlayStation on November 4, 2002. In today's episode of Replay, we take a look at the series' inaugural release, but spend most... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

    We took a look at Naughty Dog's inaugural Jak & Daxter title a few years ago , and while logic would dictate we look at the sequel next, we decided to jump ahead to Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier – the sixth installment in this series' chronology. Most people, many Game Informer... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Infamous: Second Son

    Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Greg Phillips joins the Game Informer staff for a brief but explosive look at Sucker Punch's PlayStation 4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son. Mr. Phillips wouldn't let us touch the controller (a wise move), and instead chose to demo the game himself... More
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