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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – The Sims 4

    The Sims 4 is out today, and though our review needs some extra time , that won't stop us from checking out the latest entry in the life simulation series from EA. Kim Wallace and I are the biggest Sims fans in the office, and she walks me through the opening moments – including character creation... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring Freedom In The Sims

    All today, we’ve been exploring games that make us feel free . When this idea was presented to me, The Sims instantly came to my mind for the creative freedom it offers. Whether I’m building a new house or making my sim’s life decisions, I just let my imagination run wild. I like building... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Goat Simulator

    Goat Simulator is an game to appraise. The developers at Coffee Stain Studios understand that their product is a silly, glitchy mess. But they're inviting gamers to join in on the joke and mess around in a little sandbox playground and create havoc. While the game isn't so great in the long run... More
  • Blog Post: Guilty Pleasure: Harvest Moon – Why I Keep Tilling Lands

    I've never envied the life of a farmer. Early mornings alongside tending crops and raising unpredictable animals doesn't exactly scream "fun." I still can't remember what drew me to rent the first Harvest Moon game. Perhaps it was boredom or the cute anime art style, but little... More
  • Blog Post: Steampunk Meets Lovecraft: Clockwork Empires May Have The Perfect Setting

    Do you care that harnessing the unknown energies of a coffin buried for untold millennia might eat the very reason from your citizen’s minds even while it boosts your factories’ output tenfold? Then I submit to you, sir, that you are no bureaucrat fit to run a colony for this glorious empire... More
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