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  • Blog Post: Silent Hill: An Old Friend’s Downfall

    “Look, there’s that dog thing from Silent Hill!” I said to my sister in early 1999. We walked down to our bus stop, fog rolling in over the canal. We had stayed up watching my father play Silent Hill in the dark and we stood squinting through the fog at a canine shadow. I half expected... More
  • Blog Post: Sequels That Nailed It

    There are good games with good sequels, and then there are good games with phenomenal sequels. You know, the sequels that if you want to introduce your friend to the franchise, you will tell them that they can skip right to the second game. It's no easy task, but these are some of the most memorable... More
  • Blog Post: Replay Value: Games With Multiple Endings

    If interactivity is what sets games apart from other mediums, then the narrative games that have the most potential to show off this form of art are those that feature multiple endings based on your decisions. Amongst the many games with multiple endings, some settle for simple dual options based on... More
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