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  • Blog Post: Passing The Hat: An In-Depth Look At The New King's Quest

    Anyone who played adventure games in the ‘80s and ‘90s probably has a list of favorite series and one-off titles from the era, like Quest for Glory or Day of the Tentacle. However, one franchise towered above the others in those days: King’s Quest. Sierra’s flagship product from... More
  • Blog Post: King’s Quest And Sierra: An Interview With Ken Williams

    When it comes to legendary figures in video gaming, Ken and Roberta Williams are among the elite. The duo co-founded Sierra and had a profound impact on the industry through story-driven, interactive adventures. Sierra’s best-known franchise, King’s Quest, is getting an episodic revival this... More
  • Blog Post: Moments – Horse Flatulence In Freddy Pharkas

    The adventure games of the '90s had a fair share of ridiculous obstacles, but few can compete with the town full of lethal farting horses that Freddy Pharkas confronted. Yes, it may be absurd and juvenile, but it also is one of the most memorable puzzles in adventure game history. Freddy Pharkas... More
  • Blog Post: The Genre That Refuses To Die: Keeping Adventure Games Alive

    Most discussions about the adventure genre begin with an acknowledgement of its glory days in the ‘90s before bending toward its subsequent death. The decline of the point-and-click adventure is often presented as a phase of gaming history – an indisputable event. That isn’t necessarily... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Adventure Games That Need New Entries

    The glory days of the point-and-click adventure genre have passed, but gamers still have great affection for its defining titles. Some studios have even made efforts to bring back the classics; Telltale Games resurrected Sam & Max a few years ago, along with announcing plans for more King's Quest... More
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