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  • Blog Post: Opinion: How Not To Reboot Your Series

    I started playing the Legacy of Kain series early on. I loved its overly dramatic voice acting, gothic atmosphere, and creative puzzles. For years I’ve been crossing my fingers and praying that Square Enix would announce a return to the series. Last week, Square Enix revealed a new game set inside... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Shadowrun Returns

    We recently took a look back at the SNES version of Shadowrun on Replay . Now zap forward two decades to the release of Shadowrun Returns on PC, a project which began with a Kickstarter campaign. Matt Miller has already praised the game in his review , but we decided to show off the turn-based strategy... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Shadowrun

    With the release of the first Shadowrun RPG in nearly 20 years, Game Informer's office is abuzz with excitement over this beloved series. Rather than just talking about our memories of the Super Nintendo Shadowrun title, we pulled the game out of our vault to test our memory of the early minutes... More
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