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  • Blog Post: The Coolest Screenshots Of E3 2015

    Game companies take advantage of E3 each year to show off how great their games are looking, and every year we’re astounded by the advances in technology and art that help the exhibited titles to look even better than the year before. We’ve picked out some of our favorite screenshots that... More
  • Blog Post: Why You Should Care About XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Not sure if XCOM: Enemy Unknown is for you? Come see why fans of other popular franchises should have Firaxis' upcoming strategy game on their radar – or just to see three more new exclusive screenshots. [Click any of the three screenshots on this page to view a larger version.] Battlefield... More
  • Blog Post: First Screens And Details Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Come on in to have your questions answered and to get the first public look at what Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks like in action. Click on any of the three screens on this page to view a high-resolution version. Find below our answers to some of the most common questions we've seen floating... More
  • Blog Post: Saints Row: The Third Screenshot Gallery

    We've spent all month giving you the lowdown on Saints Row: The Third (you can find all of our coverage at the hub ), and now you can check out the full screenshot gallery. You'll see all the screens from the magazine below, showing off the crazy weapons,the city of Steelport, and the insane... More
  • Blog Post: Tomb Raider Bonus Gallery

    After celebrating the debut of a new Tomb Raider with a month of retrospective pieces, character profiles, and giveaways, we’re giving readers a closer look at the game itself. Check out our gallery of exclusive Tomb Raider images below. In it you will find a handful of new screenshots, several... More
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