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  • Blog Post: Moments – Horse Flatulence In Freddy Pharkas

    The adventure games of the '90s had a fair share of ridiculous obstacles, but few can compete with the town full of lethal farting horses that Freddy Pharkas confronted. Yes, it may be absurd and juvenile, but it also is one of the most memorable puzzles in adventure game history. Freddy Pharkas... More
  • Blog Post: Game Music Spotlight: BioShock Infinite Composer Gary Schyman

    Gary Schyman is an accomplished composer both in and outside of the game industry. Recently, we got a chance to speak with Schyman on his musical education and background as well as his upcoming collaboration with Irrational Games on the BioShock Infinite soundtrack. Did you take to music early? When... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Composer Explains How To Elicit Emotions Via Music

    Award-winning composer Inon Zur started off his career composing for film and television with projects like Digimon and Power Rangers under his belt. Zur eventually made an unexpected move into the gaming industry and is now widely recognized for his work on Prince of Persia, EverQuest, Crysis, Fallout... More
  • Blog Post: Behind The Score: BioShock 2

    The unforgettable string-heavy score of the original BioShock was dark, eerie and violent, and at times emoted despair, sadness and fear. Any of these adjectives could easily be used to characterize the underwater dystopia itself. The hauntingly beautiful score composed by Garry Schyman won Best Original... More
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