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  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – Ico

    Ico is one of the titles most commonly used in the "games as art" debate, but regardless of your opinion on that issue, you can appreciate this mysterious and charming adventure. What starts as a simple puzzle game evolves into a memorable journey unlike anything else in gaming. You control... More
  • Blog Post: Five Franchises Sony Should Bring Back As Downloadable Games

    As times and tastes change, some franchises fall out of favor – or become too niche to be economically feasible. Thankfully, digital distribution has given new life to games and genres that just wouldn't make sense at a $60 price. With Sony placing a big emphasis on both digital distribution... More
  • Blog Post: Long-Lost Friends: Sony Franchises That Should Return

    Everyone is looking forward to a new era for Sony with the PlayStation 4 , but the company's past still holds plenty of promise. We take a look at some of the dormant franchises Sony could tap to bolster its new console. It's not hard to guess that games like Gran Turismo, Infamous, and God of... More
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