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  • Blog Post: Six Reboots The Gaming World Is Ready For In 2015

    As each year fades away into memory, there are gamers the world over echoing the same thing. “I thought for sure this would be the year,” they whisper. “I just want one more game in my favorite universe.” While we can’t guarantee that all (or, really, any) of these dreams... More
  • Blog Post: Deboots: 10 Games That Botched The Franchise Reboot

    Reboots are an important part of entertainment media. They offer the opportunity to revitalize a stagnant franchise, often in surprising or interesting ways. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. The word “reboot” can mean many things, but in the world of video games it usually dictates... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: How Not To Reboot Your Series

    I started playing the Legacy of Kain series early on. I loved its overly dramatic voice acting, gothic atmosphere, and creative puzzles. For years I’ve been crossing my fingers and praying that Square Enix would announce a return to the series. Last week, Square Enix revealed a new game set inside... More
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