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  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: End Game Impressions

    Battlefield 3 came out nearly a year and a half ago, and the popular military shooter's multiplayer community is still going strong thanks to its 2.7 million Premium subscribers. Before everyone turns their attention toward the next installment in the series, which EA plans to reveal next week ,... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: Aftermath Impressions

    More than a year into the downloadable content run for Battlefield 3, the expansion packs have been a mixed bag. I loved the updated Battlefield 2 maps in the Back To Karkand pack, but couldn’t tolerate DICE’s blatant mimicking of Call of Duty with the high chaos Close Quarters pack. Though... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Impressions

    For the Battlefield faithful, size matters. When developer DICE released the last Battlefield 3 map pack, Close Quarters, some old-school fans ( including myself ) decried its Call of Duty style battles that diminished class differentiation and abandoned vehicular warfare. Perhaps sensing this discontent... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Impressions

    It’s no secret that EA wants Battlefield to dethrone Call of Duty as the most popular (and profitable) military shooter game. Before Battlefield 3 launched late last year, EA CEO John Riccitiello even quipped that it was “designed to take that game down.” Though it didn’t come... More
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