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  • Blog Post: Super Mario Maker Directors Give Five Tips To Make Your Levels Better

    Super Mario Maker gives you all the tools you need to design, test, play, and share the Super Mario levels of your dreams. While many Wii U owners have already jumped in, publishing a ton of levels since its launch on September 11, most Super Mario Maker players went into the experience with no prior... More
  • Blog Post: Top 50 Challenge 2014 – LittleBigPlanet 3

    When trying to decide what the best games of the year are, it's easy to dismiss some sequels as more of the same. LittleBigPlanet 3 has suffered from that characterization since it was first announced, but after playing Sumo Digital's colorful platformer for a day (and a good chunk of the following... More
  • Blog Post: Clever Parody Games You Should Try

    Video games have a long and storied history with humor, one that Game Informer’s own Ben Reeves has chronicled well . As games and technology have evolved, so too has the medium’s ability to incorporate different subgenres of comedy. Parody, however, remains largely uncharted waters. Plenty... More
  • Blog Post: Wish List – Prince of Persia

    Once upon a time, Assassin’s Creed wasn’t the only Ubisoft franchise about protagonists with uncanny climbing abilities and considerable combat prowess. For many years, Prince of Persia was the hallmark series to play if you wanted robust platforming and challenging puzzles. But the past... More
  • Blog Post: Why Isn't Media Molecule Just Making Tearaway 2?

    If you haven’t played Tearaway on the Vita , it’s a clever little platformer, and it looks like the new PS4 version – Tearaway Unfolded – will be well worth your time. If you have played the Vita version, Media Molecule has revamped the game to such an extreme degree that in many... More
  • Blog Post: Fight For The Top 50 – BattleBlock Theater

    One of my favorite early Xbox Live Arcade games was Castle Crashers – the brilliant brawler from the folks over at The Behemoth. That’s why I was so excited when the developer finally released BattleBlock Theater earlier this year. While the team’s earlier efforts with Alien Hominid... More
  • Blog Post: Dream Project: The Secret History Of Banjo-Kazooie

    Every game goes through an evolutionary process during development, but Rare's N64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie changed so much during development that it became an entirely different game. Banjo-Kazooie was one of the N64's premiere platformers, and some people argue that it sits up there with titles... More
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