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  • Blog Post: Six Places We Want To Visit In Destiny (But Can’t)

    If you’ve been playing a lot of Destiny, it’s likely you’ve come face to face with some locations that seem to indicate the presence of something cool to do or explore, but for one reason or another, that location remains blocked to your guardian. I’ve been wandering the planets... More
  • Blog Post: Places – The Strip In Fallout: New Vegas

    Nearly everywhere you go in the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas, the bright lights of The Strip can be seen in the distance. They are a constant presence, a guiding light, and a reminder of what the world once was before the bombs fell. Thanks to the machinations of the mysterious Mr. House, New... More
  • Blog Post: Places – World Of Warcraft's Crossroads

    Some would say Blizzard’s virtual playground of Azeroth is all about acquiring new, rare loot or participating in end-game content, which might be true for some. But for me, Azeroth is defined by its places and the people who inhabit them, and I’m of the belief that no other place captures... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Kingdom Hearts' Hollow Bastion

    There isn’t a world more iconic in all of the Kingdom Hearts series than Hollow Bastion. We were first introduced to it in Kingdom Hearts, which I came into as a kid who loved Final Fantasy. I was also a fan of Disney movies, but the real hook was seeing some of my favorite RPG characters placed... More
  • Blog Post: Places – Dustbowl In Team Fortress 2

    Anyone who has ever played Team Fortress 2 has probably played Dustbowl. Endlessly replayable and endlessly entertaining, the push-and-pull struggle for control points that always exists on this map makes it a classic if there ever was one. Dustbowl is a three-part map that involves capturing or defending... More
  • Blog Post: Places: The Deserts Of Journey

    Much has been made of the simple yet engrossing gameplay of thatgamecompany’s marvelous Journey. From the mystery of the main character’s identity to the seamless connections between level concepts, Journey is a project that often defies classification and challenges assumptions about games... More
  • Blog Post: Places – Inside Kakariko Village’s Well

    Widely considered one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is also the first title in the series to use 3D graphics. Until Ocarina, my only experience with the series had been playing Link’s Awakening. I remember being stunned by Ocarina’s visuals, music... More
  • Blog Post: Places – Arkham Asylum

    In the newest installment of the Batman: Arkham series, the Dark Knight has the freedom to explore the entirety of Gotham, swooping between buildings, crossing through the high supports of bridges, and diving down onto thugs in the streets below. But in 2009, our first glimpse of this new version of... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Rayman Origins Musical Level

    Rayman has always been known for its unique level design and cute, funky storyline. With Rayman Origins, the art style crossed a threshold. The first musical level brings the game’s beauty out in sharp relief. Rayman is known for containing musical levels including drums with faces and enemies... More
  • Blog Post: Places: The Wonders Of A Dark Wonderland In Alice Madness Returns

    EA’s first Alice game from 2000 began as a dark representation of the famed childhood story with wretched creatures and a menacing Wonderland, but Alice: Madness Returns swept me away into a world only my nightmares could compare to. The art style and the vast imagination of every detail of the... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong

    Only a few games have immediately immersed me in the world, but that’s exactly what happened when I stepped into Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong. As someone who has never been to Hong Kong, it felt like I was instantly transported there and found myself focusing more on the backdrops than driving... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Cybertron

    Growing up in the 1980s, Transformers was one of those foundational science-fiction universes that made me fall in love with the genre. Newer sci-fi enthusiasts now enter the fold through a fantastic array of fictional backdrops to embrace in cartoons, games, comics, and movies. The pickings were slimmer... More
  • Blog Post: Places: The Halo Ring

    One has to dig back several years in time to recall when Halo wasn’t a word inextricably tied to video games. The last decade has seen numerous games in the series rise to the top of the sales charts, but for many, the first glimpse they had of Halo was popping the highly anticipated game into... More
  • Blog Post: Places – Rivet City

    The Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3 is home to a multitude of characters, secrets, and locations. You’ll be pulled all over the map while completing hundreds of quests. If your mission log somehow gets depleted, heading for a settlement is usually a safe bet should you need more work. One such hub... More
  • Blog Post: Places: The Holy Land

    When Assassin's Creed released in 2007, most gamers had no idea what to make of the strange project. Set in the modern day, the game established a complex fiction about a machine that allowed users to stare back into their own genetic memory and experience their ancestors' lives first hand. As... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Rock Tunnel

    You don’t have to know me for long before you figure out that I love Pokémon. The games captivate every facet of my imagination. There are so many wonderful places from the series I could pick, but what fun would that be? Instead I will introduce you to a place that I have hated ever since... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Spencer Mansion

    Settings in video games leave lasting impressions on us all. Sometimes more so than the characters, an engrossing atmosphere can lay the foundation for an amazing title. In this ongoing feature, we revisit some of our favorite settings that etched a permanent place in our memories. Spencer Mansion Resident... More
  • Blog Post: The Places You'll Go In AC Revelations

    The Assassin’s Creed series is renown for its depiction of historical time periods and cities, and Revelations continues the trend with even more impressive locations for players to explore. Leaving Italy and Rome behind, Ezio will travel to a variety of places that let players view the Assassin’s... More
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