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  • Blog Post: Bonus Replay – Strider (Guests: Arj Barker And Louis Katz)

    In this special bonus episode of Replay, we take a look at the original incarnation of Strider on the NES. Myself and Ben Reeves are joined by comedians Arj Barker and Louis Katz as we travel the world and discuss the differences between Strider's interpretation and the real world version of Australia... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Badges – The Original Gaming Achievement

    Before the age of online stat-tracking and virtual bragging rights, you either had to hope that your friends didn’t think (or find out) you were lying about your video game accolades, or iron a few Activision patches to your jacket. These video game merit badges are the original, tangible equivalent... More
  • Blog Post: Earning Our Activsion Patches

    Back in the early days of video games, before virtual Achievements and Trophies, Activision offered players the opportunity to earn physical patches for their high scores. In the video below, Tim Turi attempts to obtain the high scores necessary to obtain an Activision patch in games like Pitfall, its... More
  • Blog Post: The Pitfalls Of Atari Development: The Industry’s First Platformer

    During the stone age of console development, humans were rarely featured as video game protagonists. Gaming’s all-stars were tanks, spaceships, and yellow ghost-eating circles. Early video game consoles didn’t have the horsepower to draw human-shaped avatars, but Pitfall! creator David Crane... More
  • Blog Post: Activisionaries: How Four Programmers Changed The Game Industry

    In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Atari was a giant in the entertainment world. It helped kickstart the video game industry with a combination of high-profile games and inventive hardware that invaded local bars as well as the living room. Atari became a cultural icon and one of America’s... More
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