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  • Blog Post: An Entry Guide To Visual Novels

    The popularity of visual novels is on the rise in America. An increasing number of old and modern Japanese visual novels are being localized thanks to companies like Sekai Project, and Western developers such as Inkle are increasingly exploring the genre and expanding on it in the PC and mobile spaces... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Persona 4 Arena

    Atlus' Aram Jabbari swung by Game Informer's office with Persona 4 Arena in hand. Rather than challenging us, he wanted to teach us how to walk. We were hoping his tutelage would help Ben Reeves navigate Game Informer's spiral staircase – a series of steps he often tumbles down –... More
  • Blog Post: What Is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona?

    What is Persona? What is Shin Megami Tensei? Perhaps a better question is, what is a Persona? Shin Megami Tensei, first of all, defines a universe of demons and humans that began in 1992. It’s basically a franchise descriptor that began its life as a Wizardry-like first-person RPG that has since... More
  • Blog Post: Under The Radar: 10 Sleeper Games From E3

    E3 is all about hype – the newest consoles, the biggest games. While gamers anticipate the event as another chance to get a look at some of the games they’ve been anticipating for years, it’s easy for worthy titles to get lost in the jungle of press conference and oversized booths.... More
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