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  • Blog Post: Afterwords – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    After developing Painkiller and Bulletstorm, the three founders of People Can Fly left the studio and form their own independent company, The Astronauts. This studio’s first game, a haunting, unguided adventure called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, impressed us as much as it unnerved us . We caught... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Gears Of War: Judgment

    With Gears of War: Judgment, Epic and People Can Fly have taken a step back in the popular series' timeline. Starring Baird, the game introduces a new campaign structure as well as an ambitious new Overrun multiplayer mode. In this new episode of Test Chamber, we take a look at both elements. Click... More
  • Blog Post: From Saliva Puzzles To Gears Of War: Adrian Chmielarz's First Game

    Back in June of 2012 we brought you a full month of coverage on Gears of War: Judgment, the new game from Epic and People Can Fly. Since then a lot has changed. Several developers at Epic have left the studio and three of the leads at People Can Fly splintered off and formed a new studio called The Astronauts... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Leads Us On A Tour Of Epic Games

    The headquarters for Epic Games in North Carolina is massive. The last time our cameras visited the studio (for the Gears of War 3 cover story) it was in the middle of construction, adding a whole new wing to an already gigantic studio. We asked design director Cliff Bleszinski to lead us on a guided... More
  • Blog Post: Storytelling In Gears Of War: What Epic Has Learned From Pixar And Its Past

    There's no doubt that the Gears of War series is incredibly popular, people rave about the combat design and technical achievements that the series has to offer. It's fair to say that one of the less heralded aspects thus far in the series has been the storytelling. We spoke to the director of... More
  • Blog Post: The Fresh Blood Behind Gears Of War: Judgment

    With Gears of War: Judgment, Epic Games is sharing the development with a talented studio named People Can Fly. Creating cult favorite in the past like Painkiller and Bulletstorm, the Polish studio is known for its novel approaches to over-the-top first-person fun. While visiting Epic, Game Informer's... More
  • Blog Post: What's Changing In Gears Of War: Judgment

    Epic Games is hoping to shake things up a bit for Gears of War: Judgment. Co-developing the game with People Can Fly helps with that effort, but the team behind the game is stressing their new approach to storytelling, controls, and game design as well. We spoke to the studio's director of production... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Makes The Case For Baird In Gears Of War: Judgment

    When fans first heard that the next Gears of War game was going to be a prequel, many assumed that players would tackle the locust hordes as a young Marcus Fenix or Dom. Epic Games and People Can Fly decided to throw gamers a curveball by having the next game in the series star the wise-cracking Damon... More
  • Blog Post: A Video Guide To Gears of War: Judgment's OverRun Mode

    We had a rare treat while visiting Epic Games for this month's cover story: we were able to play several hours of Gears of War: Judgment's OverRun mode. Combining the best parts of Beast and Horde mode from previous installments, OverRun pits class-based human forces against a variety of player... More
  • Blog Post: Most Anticipated PC Games Of 2011

    There's little arguing that 2010 was one of the best years PC gaming has seen in some time. Between extremely successful major releases like StarCraft II and Civilization V and surprising indie hits like Minecraft and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there was study buzz for a consistent stream of excellent... More
  • Blog Post: Bulletstorm's Creative Director Speaks

    Adrian Chmielarz will not hesitate to tell you that he's a fan of over-the-top violence. When describing the upcoming Bulletstorm, you can tell he genuinely loves the mayhem that he's created along with the rest of the People Can Fly team. Take a look at the video below to hear him discuss the... More
  • Blog Post: Killing With Style: A Look At Bulletstorm's Skillshots

    Bulletstorm isn't just about killing dudes. It's about wrecking dudes with creative combinations of unusual weaponry and environmental hazards. If you've seen this month's cover story, you have an idea of what the game's skill shots -- special kills that reward players with increased... More
  • Blog Post: The Pulp That Inspired Bulletstorm

    Staff members at Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly are an odd lot. The game's creative director, Adrian Chmielarz, sports the kind of gonzo personality you would expect from the leader of a studio that is behind a game that stars a drunken space pirate. He shared some of the inspirations behind... More
  • Blog Post: When Epic Met People Can Fly

    As evidenced by 2004's Painkiller, the guys at People Can Fly know how to put together a over-the-top and ultraviolent shooter. However, a good development team can only put together their best work if given the proper partners and resources. That's where EA and Epic come in. Take a look at the... More
  • Blog Post: Before Bulletstorm, There Was Painkiller

    "Pfffff. Dude. That was 2002! Hang on, what was the idea? Hmm. I was drunk..." People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz is exactly what you might think the man behind Painkiller and Bulletstorm is like. The eccentric Polish studio head is one of the least rehearsed developers to ever... More
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