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  • Blog Post: Game Infarcer 2016 Edition: Bloodborne 2, Destiny DLC, and More

    Instead of elaborate pranks, we celebrate April Fools' Day with Game Infarcer, a parody gaming magazine. The feature contains all-fake news, reviews, and interviews; even the editor-in-chief is fake. We include Game Infarcer annually in our April issue, but now you can read this year's edition... More
  • Blog Post: Clever Parody Games You Should Try

    Video games have a long and storied history with humor, one that Game Informer’s own Ben Reeves has chronicled well . As games and technology have evolved, so too has the medium’s ability to incorporate different subgenres of comedy. Parody, however, remains largely uncharted waters. Plenty... More
  • Blog Post: Four Video Game Commercials That Spoof Other Commercials

    Commercials are hard to make, which is why sometimes the best answer is to look at other commercials and just do that – but slightly different. Collected below are some video game commercials that look to other commercials for... let's call it inspiration. Bulletstorm Probably the most obvious... More
  • Blog Post: Darth Clark Strikes Again

    The video game industry is a flat circle. Every video game we've played or will play, we're going to play over and over again. The same is true for GI's annual Game Infarcer; every April, our satirical editor-in-chief Darth Clark pens a series of inflammatory parody articles, and a month... More
  • Blog Post: Making The 2013 Game Infarcer Cover

    Our April issue is now available , and that means readers are checking out our annual Game Infarcer parody feature. Just like our real magazine, the cover of Infarcer is a big deal, and now you can read about how it was created. For 2013, the talented Zander Cannon (of Double Barrel ) returned to bring... More
  • Blog Post: If George Lucas Created Mass Effect 3

    BioWare takes the extensive lore of its flagship sci-fi franchise very seriously, expanding its fiction across various games and mediums. However, the recent departure of Mass Effect lead writer Drew Karpyshyn is disconcerting for fans, as is the unrelated controversy surrounding the Mass Effect: Deception... More
  • Blog Post: The Terrifying Future Of Online Pass Codes

    Nowadays it seems like you can't start a game without first typing in a code to unlock some major component of your new purchase. Many titles use pass codes to lock away online multiplayer modes, but some games like Batman: Arkham City cut out entire playable characters and segments of the story... More
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