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  • Blog Post: First Time Virtual Reality Reactions From My 64-Year-Old Father

    When it comes to virtual reality, I’m broken-in. I remember the excitement I had when putting on an HD Oculus Rift for the first time, but I’ve had so many VR experiences that I can’t recapture that virgin amazement. When Samsung offered to loan us a Samsung Gear VR unit, the first... More
  • Blog Post: Virtual Reality’s Next Challenge: The Perfect Controller

    As Oculus gets closer to its first consumer Rift model, the pieces are starting to fall into place. With the visual aspects approaching targets thanks to the new Crescent Bay prototype and audio well underway, we wanted to know what the company was planning for an input device. Back at GDC, Oculus founder... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are Some Of The Developers Working On Gear VR Games

    Earlier today, Samsung and Oculus announced a new partnership that will pair virtual reality with mobile devices. The Gear VR may be new to us, but developers are already hard at work on building games for the device. Harmonix, which just yesterday released Dance Central Spotlight and announced a new... More
  • Blog Post: VR Mission: How Oculus’ New VR Headset Creates New Game Development Challenges

    The traditional game interface is fairly abstract: Players move a mouse or thumbstick, and an avatar on a 2D plane in front of them looks around. Using this interface, game designers have developed a wealth of entertainment over the years, but this system keeps players separated from their games. Game... More
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