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  • Blog Post: Oculus Rift And HTC Vive Go Head-To-Head

    No matter when you were born, you can probably recall hearing about the dream of virtual reality. Whether it was the misfires of projects like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, or movies like Tron , The Lawnmower Man , or The Matrix , the promise of an engaging virtual world has been tantalizingly out of... More
  • Blog Post: Taking VirZoom, The VR Exercise Bike, For A Longer Spin

    Last December, I got a quick look at VirZoom , an exercise bike that doubles as a game controller for virtual reality headsets. I was fairly positive on the equipment and concept, but questioned its ease of use without a trained person around to get you set up, and how long the experience could remain... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Lists About 120 Oculus Rift And Vive Games As VR Era Dawns

    Update: The Vive launches today, and even more titles have been added to Steam's VR roster. We've also updated the list below with pricing for the games releasing today. Original Story: While many gamers aren’t convinced that virtual reality is here to stay, one thing is for sure. There... More
  • Blog Post: Insomniac, Supermassive, And More Discuss The Difficulties Of VR

    Whenever a new and exciting gaming technology hits the market, enthusiastic developers explore new angles to captivate their user base. Never before have developers been able to put their target audiences in the middle of the action the way virtual-reality headsets can. The potential of VR is undeniable... More
  • Blog Post: How Competitors Are Collaborating To Overcome The Challenges Of VR

    Whether you’re talking Facebook’s massive investment in Oculus or Sony’s huge interest in the tech, the stakes are high in 2016 for virtual reality. The Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR are all slated to hit retail next year. During this type of blitz you would normally hear a bunch of... More
  • Blog Post: Inside Insomniac's Terrifying VR Adventure Edge Of Nowhere

    With our January cover focusing on the upcoming year of virtual reality games , we wanted to take a look at some longer experiences and not just the typical VR tech demos. One of those games was Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games, a game set in Antarctica that features a man named Victor Howard battling... More
  • Blog Post: Going Hands (And Feet) On With The Virtual Reality Exercise Bike VirZoom

    When most of us work out using cardio equipment or go running, we distract ourselves to make the pain and tedium less noticeable. Whether you pop in your earbuds as you run through the park or throw Netflix on your iPad when you jump on the Stairmaster, we're always looking for ways to trick our... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – I’m Sold On VR’s Tech, But Not Its Practicality

    I’m underwater aboard a sunken ship. Rather than swimming and struggling to hold my breath, however, I’m walking effortlessly, shooing away tiny fish with the paddles in my hands. I spend a couple minutes exploring the small space around me before I am surprised to see a massive whale slowly... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer's Best Of E3 2015 Awards

    Walking through the show floor of E3 2015, you could feel the excitement flowing through the crowds. Those in attendance were still reeling from the barrage of outstanding trailers, big reveals, and surprising resurfacing of projects at the press conferences, and everyone was talking about the incredible... More
  • Blog Post: Elite: Dangerous Creator Shares The Secret For Surviving Three Decades As An Indie

    Thirty-three years is a long time to stay successful in any industry, but it seems even more impressive in interactive entertainment, where giants fall by the wayside seemingly every month. When meeting with the recent Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award recipient David Braben, we asked the Elite: Dangerous... More
  • Blog Post: Walking (Yes, Walking) Through Oculus' Outstanding Crescent Bay Prototype Demo

    Oculus has been consistent on a number of key points: The company won't release a virtual reality product until it's good enough. There's a sense of openness about the VR race that encourages competition. Oculus Rift is a seated experience . This last point is one I've mentioned a number... More
  • Blog Post: E3 Rivals: Oculus Rift Vs. Project Morpheus

    It's a weird sight to behold in the year 2014, but VR fever has swept E3. Both Sony's Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift have large demo areas set up to experience their competing take on what they hope is the future of interactive entertainment. Game Informer's Kimberley Wallace and Mike Futter... More
  • Blog Post: E3 Predictions: Gaze Into The Crystal Ball

    The E3 prediction game isn’t getting easier. With publishers opting for smaller game lineups, the number of cards they can hold close to their vests is getting smaller and smaller every year. That’s not going to stop us from gazing into the crystal ball to identify some trends, surprise appearances... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Toward The Horizon

    For publishers and developers, it used to be so much simpler. You selected your target platforms, created the games, and released them to brick and mortar retail stores. But in today’s landscape, where new platforms are constantly emerging, digital distribution has opened up new revenue models... More
  • Blog Post: Five Trends From GDC

    The annual Game Developers Conference was in full swing last week. As usual, it was full of thought-provoking panels and discussion. Developers and industry insiders openly discussed the process of making video games and what they think needs improvement, and forecasted the future of the industry. Watching... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Is Oculus Rift The Future?

    It’s hard not to be enamored by the Oculus Rift the first time you strap the device to your head. My first experience with the virtual reality headset was with Team Fortress 2. The act of looking around the world of Team Fortress was totally engrossing. As I blindly reached out for a keyboard and... More
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