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  • Blog Post: Readers Tell Us What Zelda They Would Like To See Remade Next

    The Majora's Mask 3DS remake isn't too far away, but it's never too early to start thinking about what Zelda game deserves to be remade next. Last weekend, I asked readers to share which Zelda game they think deserves to be remade next . After sorting through the comments, I compiled a chart... More
  • Blog Post: Curling Instructor By Day, Ocarina Of Time Record Speedrunner By Night

    With a record of 18:07:20, Joel "Jodenstone" Ekman is the newest record holder for speedrunning Ocarina of Time with any percentage completion. The Swedish gamer tried his hand at speedrunning early last year, and started to take it seriously in August. Last night on a series of runs that went... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Super Smash Bros.

    Super Smash Bros. has finally returned, and as you may have read, it's pretty darned good . To mark this occasion, the Replay crew decided to set their clocks back to 1999 and check out the original Nintendo 64 game that started it all. Have the visuals aged well? Is it still fun? Will the editors... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    With Nintendo's announcement of the 3DS remake of Link's creepiest adventure , we decided to look back at the original. Released shortly after the groundbreaking Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask reuses characters and assets from the first 3D Zelda title to create the surreal, dreamlike world... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Spectacular

    We're just an hour away from this year's Extra Life livestream marathon , and we've got 24 hours of gaming shenanigans all lined up. In order to celebrate, we thought we'd kick things off with a special edition of Replay, in which we take a look at all three titles in Factor 5's Rogue... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – WinBack

    Resident Evil 4 may have done it better, but Omega Force's military shooter WinBack pioneered third-person laser targeting. Check out our latest episode of Replay to see our hero Jean-Luc take on the evil forces of the Crying Lions terrorist organization – clunky cover and all. Tim Turi played... More
  • Blog Post: From First To Last – Comparing More Developers’ Early Work To Later Work

    Recently, we took a look at a handful of highly successful developers and how their games have changed over the years by comparing their first title, to their most recent title. We’re looking at a few more developers to track their progress over their professional lifespan. Sucker Punch –... More
  • Blog Post: Which Controller Is The Loudest? Sounding Off On Controller Noise

    Recently, while making my way through Infamous Second Son as the rest of my household was asleep, I could distinctly hear my controller echoing through the house. It wasn't from the speaker built into the controller I always forget is there that periodically emits noise to remind you of its existence... More
  • Blog Post: Five Reasons I Want A Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS Remake

    Rumors about a Majora’s Mask remake similar to the Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS have been swirling for years. Some have even gone so far to take matters into their own hands . When it comes down to it, everyone would love to see all of their favorite games remade to modern standards, but there... More
  • Blog Post: Wish List – Pokémon Snap 2

    Since the series’ debut almost 20 years ago, Pokémon has cemented itself as a global phenomenon – so much so that Japan has made some fan-favorite Pocket Monsters mascots for its 2014 FIFA World Cup team . Known not only for their exploits dueling each other at the hands of their respective... More
  • Blog Post: A Look Back At Decades Of Bizarre Nintendo Videos

    If Nintendo’s recent Tomodachi Life and E3 announcements are any indication, the company is slowly losing its mind, and it has cameras on hand to capture the insanity – not that we’re complaining. Nintendo’s recent announcements have been as entertaining as they are bizarre, but... More
  • Blog Post: Four Games With Aliens That Should Be Buried In A Landfill And Excavated In 30 Years

    Today, plans culminated to unearth a collection of E.T. Atari cartridges from a New Mexico landfill . It was a game starring an alien that was absolutely terrible and had a hand in the collapse of the video game industry in the '80s. Some games with aliens turn out fantastic. Some, as E.T. can attest... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Jet Force Gemini

    After Rare gave Donkey Kong his own game and crafted a 3D model of Pierce Brosnan for Goldeneye, the developer made a cinematic sci-fi shooter called Jet Force Gemini. It was the true start of the popular helmeted-space-soldier-alien-shooter motif nearly two years before Halo released on the Xbox. Jet... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Donkey Kong 64

    Last week on Replay, the gang got into a heated argument that involved Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, and 3D platforming in general. One of the titles that came up was Rare's Donkey Kong 64, which received decidedly mixed reactions upon its release. Thirteen years later, we decided to throw it into... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Banjo-Kazooie

    A few months ago, a bitter argument broke out between Tim Turi, Ben Hanson, and myself. Mr. Turi had the audacity of claiming that Banjo Kazooie was a better game than Super Mario 64, and we spent far too much time yelling at each other about it. I wanted to reignite this discussion on Replay, which... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Mischief Makers

    This week we take a look at an old Nintendo 64 title you may not have taken the time to check out during the system's glory days. This gem by Treasure has players assume the role of a robotic maid-thing that hurts enemies by shaking the crap out of them. It's inventive, cute, and an overall good... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Hercules

    We've played some Titus games before on Replay, and the results haven't been pretty. We're not dumb enough to think things would be any different with a licensed Nintendo 64 game, but we decided to try out Hercules anyway. Join myself, Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, and Joe Juba as we lift rocks... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Mario Party

    It's happening again. Our longest Replay episode ever was of Mario Party 3 , and fans of the show seemed to love watching our agony. My guests never wanted to do another Mario Party episode, but Joe Juba had to go to the Overblood Facebook group and make a bet with them. He lost, and their (and your... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda 25th Anniversary: Remembering Majora's Mask

    Considering I had to wait six years between A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, the last thing I expected after the series’ 3D debut was a new console title within two years. I started hearing rumblings about a new Zelda in 1999, with the rumored titles Ura Zelda and Zelda: Gaiden. Screenshots... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Super Mario 64

    Believe it or not, this week marks our 100th episode of Replay. As such, we decided that we should feature a legendary title that we haven't revisited before. I landed on Super Mario 64, Mario's first 3D adventure and the game that helped usher in 3D gaming. Watch below to see us explore Princess... More
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