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  • Blog Post: Replay Halloween Special 2013

    Before you head outside to hunt down a mountain of free candy, spend a half hour with the Game Informer crew in this Replay Halloween Special. We take a look at four games in this episode, all set within Namco's Splatterhouse series. Tim Turi and Jason Oestreicher work their way through each game... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber - Dragon Ball Z For Kinect

    You know what you are getting with Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. If you've ever wanted a reason to yell "Kamehameha" while fighting Frieza in the privacy of your own home then this game is for you. As the resident Dragon Ball Z "expert" in the Game Informer office, I took the release... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Stopping The Grey Men

    One of the crowning achievements of the Ace Combat series is its ability to weave fast-paced aerial combat with engaging and powerful stories. The final mission of Ace Combat 5 is a culmination of so many fantastic elements that it almost seems unfair to other flight combat games. *Spoilers ahead* Ace... More
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