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  • Blog Post: Time Sinks – Rock Band

    Green Grass and High Tides. If those words send a chill through you, then at some point we shared a great trial – beating Rock Band's guitar career on Expert, and confronting the nearly ten-minute long odyssey that was The Outlaws' 1975 song by that name. Even if you did manage to cross... More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central Is For Non-Dancers

    Several games are headed to Kinect for its launch this November, but few of them are targeted towards established gamers. While Dance Central is certainly out of familiar territory for the gaming crowd, it has several elements that may make it worth a closer look – even if you insist that look... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band 3 Gets Even Bigger

    As we inch closer to the release of Rock Band 3 it’s becoming increasingly clear that this game features hundreds of hours of content. This month, we used some extended hands-on time with Harmonix’s latest creation to dive into several new features that fundamentally change the genre, including... More
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