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  • Blog Post: The Beginner's Guide To Xenoblade Chronicles X

    After a long wait, Xenoblade Chronicles X is finally out in North America. After around a hundred hours wandering the alien planet of Mira, I shared my thoughts in our recent review . While I had mixed feelings about the grind-heavy experience, there is without a doubt a lot to explore and discover in... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Xenoblade Chronicles X's End-Game Mechs And Locations

    In the process of our Xenoblade Chronicles X review, we sat down for a Test Chamber that represented the experience after the first several hours. With our playthrough now complete, we decided to take a second look and show off some of the late-game features. Chief among those features is the arrival... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I’ve been exploring Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii U game, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and trying to wrap my head around its many interlocking upgrade and progression systems. In this episode of Test Chamber, Joe Juba and I sit down to discuss the game’s complicated structure, its battle... More
  • Blog Post: Xenoblade's Director Talks Witcher 3, Zelda Wii U, And His Favorite RPGs

    Nintendo has been releasing more and more information on Xenoblade Chronicles X , the next gigantic RPG from Monolith Soft due out on December 4. We recently got a chance to sit down with the game's director Tetsuya Takahashi (also the director of Xenogears and Xenosaga) and Genki Yokota, the director... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Inside The Development Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS

    We recently interviewed Nintendo, Monolith Soft, and Monster Games about their enhanced 3DS port of Xenoblade Chronicles. [ Note : This interview was done via email by Game Informer's Kim Wallace, who is traveling at the moment. The questions were divided up amongst the three companies. Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Grind Time: The RPG Live Show – Xenoblade Chronicles

    Update: Our live stream is over, but you can find the full episode below. We couldn't end March without a true Grind Time episode. This time, we're looking at Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best RPGs of the last generation. Next week, Nintendo is giving gamers another... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 RPGs Of The Generation

    We spent our time celebrating the best PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , and Wii games of the generation. Now we're diving into the best of various genres. Today, we're taking a look at the best role-playing games of the last console generation. Developers got more creative during the cycle, attempting... More
  • Blog Post: Kim's Anticipated RPGs For 2014

    As many know, I love my role-playing games. Every year, I look at what's on the horizon, and I find there's more awaiting me than I initially realized. This year a variety of RPGs are scheduled; Final Fantasy is closing out Lightning’s story in Lightning Returns, the team behind Disgaea... More
  • Blog Post: Why Xenoblade Chronicles Makes Me Want To Punch A Kitten

    Xenoblade Chronicles is an amazing game. The characters are engaging, the storyline is epic, and the fresh combat blends MMO style cooldowns with the feel of an old-school, turn-based RPG. However. The graphics. Dear god, the graphics. I can’t decide whether the technical capabilities of the Wii... More
  • Blog Post: Quick 15: Xenoblade Chronicles

    We only discovered earlier today that Xenoblade Chronicles, the long-awaited Wii RPG from Monolith Soft, is finally being brought over to North America early next year. However, by the time that news hit, I had already done horrible, unspeakable things to my Wii in order to make a European copy of the... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Import-Only Oddities

    Not every game makes its way to North America. In many cases, this is understandable; train simulators and anime dating games wouldn’t find the same audience over here as they do overseas. But what about the games that seem like a good fit? Some of them are installments in well-known series, while... More
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