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  • Blog Post: Want To Try Modding Fallout 4? – Here's A Long-Time Modder’s Lessons

    For years, creators and users of mods have upgraded their favorite titles in ways too numerous to list. From revamping a few textures to building entire new worlds, their modifications blur the gap between players and developers. They are a hobbyist’s gateway to game design. Long a PC gaming staple... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out These 8 Mind-Bending Console Mods

    The average console owner probably handles his or her system cautiously, and with good reason. Messing with the hardware side of modern consoles can void important warranties and even get consoles banned from online services. However, for a small sector of the gaming community, tearing into gaming devices... More
  • Blog Post: Ben Heck Builds The Ultimate Combo Gaming System

    Professional modder Ben Heck recently built the Ultimate Combo Gaming System, which combined a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii U into a single box. One lucky viewer will be able to take this system home. The contest officially ends on April 12 at 10 am CST. You can find out more about that contest... More
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