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  • Blog Post: Ranking The Mario Kart Series

    In the past, I've posted stories where I rank long-running franchises like Call of Duty and Tony Hawk . It wasn't too hard to put those together, as the quality spectrum was fairly wide. With Mario Kart 8 on the horizon, I've put together a similar feature that proved to be much more difficult... More
  • Blog Post: Hello Racing, My Old Friend

    Like most of you, racing games were always a part of my staple gaming diet growing up. I recall very vividly seeing a Pole Position arcade cabinet at a young age and being blown away by the then-groundbreaking graphics. Along the way, there were the F-Zeros and Mario Karts, the Ridge Racers and the Gran... More
  • Blog Post: Hear Donkey Kong's New Voice

    Nintendo has always gotten a lot of mileage out of not much voice work for its iconic characters. Even Daisy's sighs have a certain cachet to them after years of Mario Kart. This strong legacy is exactly why we felt it necessary to capture Donkey Kong's new voice in Mario Kart 7 in this short... More
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