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  • Blog Post: Peter Molyneux's Godus Isn’t The First High Profile Gaming Contest To Implode

    This week hasn’t been a terribly good one for Peter Molyneux and his 22 Cans studio. Yesterday, we spoke to him about the status of Godus, following a video intended to smooth things over with fans. With damage control underway, another blow was dealt this morning in an interview with Bryan Henderson... More
  • Blog Post: Midnight City – Approaching Video Game Publishing From A Record Label Perspective

    Midnight City appeared in August of last year with a video showcasing a collection of interesting independent games. The video inspired interest in the games on display, but did little to explain exactly what Midnight City is or what it does. The shortest explanation is Midnight City is the independent... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Advent Rising

    One of Majesco's most ambitious titles was 2005's Advent Rising, which featured a script from science fiction author Orson Scott Card. Originally planned to be a trilogy, the game also featured a comic book tie-in and planned PSP title. Sales fell short of expectations, which is why we only have... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – Psychonauts

    Talk to anyone who's played through Psychonauts, and you're bound to hear one of two things: "That game was awesome!" or "The meat circus can go #@% itself!" Majesco released Double Fine's game in 2005 on the Xbox, with a port coming shortly afterward on the PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Composing Double Dragon Neon

    Jake Kaufman rose to prominence on the chiptune scene under the name “virt,” remixing classic game themes and composing original music. He scored his first freelance composing gig in 2000, working on the Game Boy Color port of Q*Bert. Regular client Wayforward Technologies recognized his... More
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