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  • Blog Post: When Celebrities Attack: The Ugly Battles Between Game Publishers And The Rich And Famous

    With video games getting bigger every year, several celebrities have embraced them as an effective way to market themselves. Unfortunately, the mutually beneficial relationships between game publishers and celebrities can go sour, leading to publicly hostile interactions and even lawsuits. In many cases... More
  • Blog Post: Are Slumping Sequels A Symptom Of Platform Migration Or Franchise Fatigue?

    Over the last few years we've heard a repeated cry from free-to-play and mobile gaming evangelists - console platforms are dying, and future growth will come from emerging platforms and new economic models. While both of these have experienced undeniable growth, the impressive opening sales numbers... More
  • Blog Post: A Decade+ Of Madden Ups & Downs

    Take a walk with us through the history of the Madden franchise since Madden NFL 2000 and see the series' growth – as well as some of the fan-favorite features that are no longer with us today. QB Vision Cone. Hot Dog prices. Jet-Packing. Madden Cards. It's all here. For more on Madden... More
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