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  • Blog Post: Beginner's Guide – Use These 10 Tips To Survive XCOM 2's Brutality

    For 20 years, we've lived under alien rule. They've invaded our cities, taken over our governments, and they're exploiting our people. Overthrowing this ruthless hegemony won't be easy, but we've complied a quick list of the most important battle tactics that every commander should... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Read George Romero's Rejected Resident Evil Movie Script

    Update: That's a wrap on our script reading! Thanks to everyone who watched up live. For everyone else, we've added the YouTube archive to this story. Original Story: We made a promise to the viewers and generous donors of our successful Extra Life 2015 livestream : To livestream a table reading... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play Two Hours Of Just Cause 3 & Rainbow Six Siege

    Update: The stream has concluded, but you can watch the archived versions here! December doesn't often bring huge release days for video games, but today welcomes two of the the year's most anticipated titles: Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege. Starting at 4 p.m. CT, we're spending an hour... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Live – Watch Us Play Two Hours Of Star Wars Battlefront

    Update: The stream has concluded, but you can check out the archived version here! Stream starts at 1:09 Original Story: No stormtrooper will be left standing at the end of our Star Wars Battlefront live stream. We're taking a look at the retail version of the game, and will explore every facet of... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play Two Hours Of Super Mario Maker Right Here

    We recently live streamed two hours of Super Mario Maker playing with the creation tools and user-created levels, and the archive is now online. Through the course of the stream we showed off a lot of the creation tools, recorded our own sound effects, played the levels I created ( which I recently forced... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Our Hour Long Mario Party 10 Live Stream Archive

    Mario Party 10 won't be unleashed on the party people until next week, but we live streamed the game for an hour today, and you can now watch the archived video. Join myself, Andrew Reiner, Brian Shea, and loveable curmudgeon Joe Juba as we try two of the game's modes. One is new and places one... More
  • Blog Post: Live On Twitch: Tim Plays Resident Evil HD Remaster

    The HD remastered version of Resident Evil's 2002 GameCube remake is out now! To celebrate, I'm livestreaming the game to show off the game's updated visuals and how the new control scheme affects gameplay. I'm planning on kicking things off with a hard mode playthrough of Chris Redfield's... More
  • Blog Post: Streaming Tips From Twitch's Most Followed User, Syndicate

    Tom "Syndicate" Cassell is Twitch's most popular streamer. He was the first on the video service to crack one million followers. He was even able to beat the channel of League of Legends developer Riot Games to the seven digit number. We recently had a chance to speak with Cassell about... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play Three Horrifying Games

    October isn't quite here yet, but the spirit of Halloween is already in the air. And while leaves are falling and folks pick out their favorite pumpkins this time the year, we prefer to sequester ourselves indoors with some really scary games. Issue #258 of Game Informer is all about horror, with... More
  • Blog Post: Divinity: Original Sin Livestream

    Join PC Editor Daniel Tack as he navigates the new world of the old-school RPG with Divinity: Original Sin. Larian Studios' latest title embraces a turn-based but never boring combat system and complete freedom in an open-ended adventure that's shaping up to be something really special for RPG... More
  • Blog Post: World Of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Livestream

    Hang out with Daniel Tack all afternoon as he explores the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor alpha! We’ll be building up our garrison and exploring some of the new features and mechanics in the upcoming expansion. It’s alpha, so there may be a few crashes and other quirks along the way... More
  • Blog Post: Grind Time: The RPG Show: Episode 1 – Persona

    Update: Did you miss our first episode? We've got you covered. We've included the full episode below. Original Story: I fell in love with role-playing games when I was young, and my devotion hasn’t faded. I love playing them, and I love interacting with community members and hearing their... More
  • Blog Post: Live Stream – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Blizzard’s free-to-play digital collectible card game Hearthstone features exciting constructed and limited game formats. Join Daniel Tack as he explores the intricacies of the Arena format, where players must build and construct a deck from a limited pool of cards and play to 12 victories or 3... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – What Games Could Twitch Play Next?

    The success of Twitch Plays Pokémon might turn out to be an isolated phenomenon, but if it does turn out there is a market for crowd-played games, what other titles could work? The popular one often recommended by the Internet, partly in jest, is Dark Souls. If we’re really thinking it through... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play Requested Games From Extra Life 2013

    The holidays are about giving, so what better time than now to show our appreciation for those who donated during our Extra Life 2013 livestream marathon. We raised over $16,000 for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, part of the Children's Miracle Network ( you can still donate here! ... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Editors Set Guinness World Record

    Earlier this year, a copy of Guinness World Records 2011: Gamer’s Edition showed up at our office. I spent some time flipping through its pages, amused at records for high scores in Donkey Konga and minigames from Zelda. As I continued reading it, I started thinking about getting in the book myself... More
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