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  • Blog Post: Replay – Zelda Games On CD-i

    With Skyward Sword about to release, it's a big weekend for the Legend of Zelda franchise. What better way to celebrate than looking back at Zelda's darkest hour? Jeff Cork, Andrew Reiner, and I join Kyle Hilliard to mock him for owning a Philips CD-i – one of the most notoriously terrible... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda 25th Anniversary: Remembering Capcom's Oracle Games And The CD-i Disasters

    I was still in high school when Capcom hatched its plot to create a trilogy of linked Zelda games for the Game Boy Color, but I was already savvy enough (or at least cynical enough) to be deeply concerned at the prospect of Nintendo handing one of my favorite series over to another publisher. As it turns... More
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