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  • Blog Post: The Top 10 Games On 3DS

    The 3DS library may have been a slow burn at first, but in the years since its initial launch, Nintendo has built a strong line-up around its most recent handheld. Though the dual-screen setup is the same as the preceding DS handheld, and the entertainment industry's flirtation with 3D technology... More
  • Blog Post: Franchises That Are Nearly Unrecognizable From How They Started

    This week sees the release of two games that have more in common than you might think. Resident Evil HD Remaster and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell both feature monstrous enemies, but they’re also examples of two franchises that have significantly changed since they debuted. Today, we’re looking... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Of The Most Iconic Outfits In Video Games

    As the old adage absolutely does not go, clothes maketh the game character. The way a character is garbed can make or break their personality as well as their appearance. Deciding how a character is uniquely clad is like a PR move in itself, presenting the character as the sum of their parts. Inspired... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Disguises That Shouldn’t Work But Did

    Getting around without your enemies recognizing you is a key component in many games. Often times, our heroes don a disguise in order to hide their identities and sneak around. In some cases, however, the disguises are so weird or outlandish that they just shouldn’t work. We take a look at a few... More
  • Blog Post: The Top 10 Weird But Useful Items In Video Games

    Video game developers have always been able to imagine up unique and iconic items. Sometimes they make sense, like the Buster Sword or Spartan Armor. But there are also many items that are just weird and inexplicable. These are some of the strangest but most useful items found in video games. 10. Stunkz... More
  • Blog Post: Getting The Ball Rolling: Timing Zelda’s Lengthy Introductions

    A new Zelda game is nearly within our grasp. As excited as we are to explore The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, we have to remember that every Zelda game has a required introduction that seems to get longer, and longer with each release. There is a point in every Zelda game where you feel like... More
  • Blog Post: How To Get The Swift Sail In Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

    Nintendo released the retail version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD today, and if you've read my review you already know I love it. One of the main reasons it's a more enjoyable experience than its predecessor is the addition of the Swift Sail, an item that remedies the tedious sailing... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    During the sea change from 2D to 3D gaming, Nintendo set incredibly high bars with their two flagship series. Mario set the standard for 3D platforming with the stellar Super Mario 64, and Link transitioned into 3D with equal grace. Many gamers (including myself ) consider Ocarina of Time to be one of... More
  • Blog Post: Attention to Detail: 10 Things That Make Any Game Better

    Great ideas are the foundations of great games, and no one can deny that developers today create many entertaining concepts. Even so, sometimes the simple things get overlooked. Every gamer has stopped in the middle of playing and wondered why a developer failed to include an obviously useful feature... More
  • Blog Post: Community And The Source Of Nostalgia In Video Games

    There’s a moment in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when it all comes rushing back to me. In the entrance of the Forest Temple, before I take one step, I’ll put the controller down. I know that if I walk a few feet more, two wolfos will appear and that fleeting feeling will be lost.... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda 25th Anniversary: Remembering Four Swords Adventures

    On paper, Four Swords Adventures sounded like a dream come true for me. It was a top-down Zelda title that featured an art style similar to A Link to the Past, and it allowed for four-player cooperative play. I knew it wouldn’t feature a full-length quest like the SNES classic, but the idea of... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda 25th Anniversary: Remembering Majora's Mask

    Considering I had to wait six years between A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, the last thing I expected after the series’ 3D debut was a new console title within two years. I started hearing rumblings about a new Zelda in 1999, with the rumored titles Ura Zelda and Zelda: Gaiden. Screenshots... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda 25th Anniversary: Remembering A Link To The Past

    While I appreciate the original Legend of Zelda and enjoyed playing through it years after its release, I was a toddler when it originally hit store shelves in 1987. I obviously wasn’t cognizant enough at the time to recognize its impact on the industry, but I do have faint memories of watching... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – The Legend Of Zelda

    For our 200th issue a couple years ago, the staff at Game Informer met for hours to debate on the top 200 games of all time. Many factors were involved in our decision-making process, and at the end of the day one game stood above the rest. The Legend of Zelda has influenced the world of gaming like... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend Of Zelda's Top Ten Items

    Destroying bosses, exploring dungeons, and solving puzzles are all crucial elements of the Zelda series, but finding new items might be the most exciting of them all. Considering that a new item could be the key to destroying that boss, exploring that dungeon, or solving that puzzle, collecting them... More
  • Blog Post: The Trademarks Of The Legend Of Zelda

    Throughout The Legend of Zelda's 25-year history, Link has utilized dozens of different items and weapons. Some have been around since his NES debut and are crucial to virtually every title in the series, such as bombs, the bow, and the boomerang. Others were introduced later or came and went as... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda Wii Wish List

    Previously we’ve done Wish Lists for Modern Warfare 3 and for Bully 2 , two games that we hope to see but haven’t been announced yet. This week, we decided to tackle a game that’s already been confirmed to exist: the next Zelda for the Wii. We heard at E3 last year that Link’s... More
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