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  • Blog Post: Life After Death: The Story Of Turtle Rock Studios

    To finish off our month of coverage of Evolve , we wanted to take an exhaustive look at the complete history of the game's developer, Turtle Rock Studios. Studio heads Chris Ashton and Phil Robb have had long careers in the game industry, contributing to classics like Command & Conquer, Counter... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Your Backlog: This Console Generation's Infamous Release Weeks

    A special kind of anxiety accompanies being a gamer. Every once in a while a week like this one comes along when there is an excess of good games to play such as Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It’s not a bad problem to have, but it can make our back logs more intimidating. No matter their... More
  • Blog Post: E3's History Of Surprises

    For the last fifteen years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been the place for gaming's biggest news, reveals, and announcements. With E3 2010 less than a week away, we take a look back at the biggest surprises from years past. 1995: Sega drops a Saturn bombshell For months, Sega had touted... More
  • Blog Post: Writer's Block: Portal 2 Writers Roundtable

    Valve’s Portal contained such solid writing that even if the gameplay had fallen flat, we probably still would have been entertained. Don’t expect the series to lose any of its wit, because as the sequel has grown in size, so has the writing team. While Valve scribe Erik Wolpaw almost exclusively... More
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