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  • Blog Post: Six Successful Online Launches That Give Us Hope For Destiny

    In this new age of online-focused, and increasingly online-required video games, it’s easy to look at the troubled launches of the past and be pessimistic about tomorrow’s big release – Destiny. But just because some games have stumbled out of the gate doesn’t guarantee Destiny... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Killer Instinct

    At E3, one of the surprising reveals for the launch of Xbox One was the long-awaited revival of the 1990s fighter Killer Instinct. Double Helix has done a solid job of retaining its combo-based insanity, and it comes with an interesting new pricing structure for the genre. Fighting game guru and Game... More
  • Blog Post: Live Stream – Xbox One

    We're mere hours from the launch of Xbox One, but you don't have to wait any longer to see its games in action. Today, we're streaming the launch lineup of the new Microsoft console from Game Informer, and we want you to join us. Starting at 3pm Central, you can join Andrew Reiner and Dan... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Demonstrates The Value Of Kinect And Entertainment Apps

    In the early days of the marketing for Xbox One, many gamers were turned off by the publisher’s insistence on showing off UI and entertainment features more than actual games. Months passed and Microsoft tuned down the multimedia hype, focusing instead on satisfying gamers after a disastrous E3... More
  • Blog Post: Don't Judge Next Gen By Its Launch Games

    Last week, I had the chance to play several Xbox One launch titles at a preview event in San Francisco. I had a lot of fun with Dead Rising 3 , saw potential in Project Spark , and was impressed by the revival of Killer Instinct , but few things I saw on the software side of things screamed “next... More
  • Blog Post: Kicking The Tires On The Ouya

    The console isn't even out yet, but it's already been a wild ride for the Ouya. Since this Android based platform announced its Kickstarter campaign last July, more than 60,000 backers have contributed $8.6 million for an open platform that gives developers the autonomy to build what they want... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Editors Respond To Wii U Launch Details

    Are you looking for a crack team of professionals to contextualize the new Nintendo launch? You’re out of luck, but we’ll tell you what we think, anyway. Adam Biessener Good for Nintendo hitting the $299 price point, but that's still not enough to get me on board with the Wii U. There's... More
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