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  • Blog Post: Afterwords – The Elegant Challenge Of Jonathan Blow's The Witness

    The Witness is one of the early success stories of 2016, with critical acclaim (including our review ) and encouraging sales numbers . Developer Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla began the project in 2008, but the years of waiting have paid off for players in the form of an intriguing puzzle game... More
  • Blog Post: Why There's More To The Witness Than Drawing Lines

    The puzzles in The Witness are based on the simple idea of tracing a path from one point to another. So what's so challenging about that? You might be surprised. Join me and Jeff Cork as we play an early chunk of the game, solving the initial puzzles and exploring the ways The Witness layers on complexity... More
  • Blog Post: The Art Of Endings: Tales Of Ending A Game

    Endings are tricky. A good ending can resonate with you long after you’ve finished an experience and live on in your conversations and memories. However, an unsatisfying one can cast a cloud over an otherwise solid story. So much can hinge on a finale that writers often struggle to bring everything... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Game: The Movie – Where Are They Now?

    In June of 2012, filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky released Indie Game: The Movie , offering an up-close and personal look at the creators of some of the most successful independent games in the industry. Jonathan Blow and his game Braid, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refene’s Super Meat Boy... More
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