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  • Blog Post: Inside Insomniac's Terrifying VR Adventure Edge Of Nowhere

    With our January cover focusing on the upcoming year of virtual reality games , we wanted to take a look at some longer experiences and not just the typical VR tech demos. One of those games was Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games, a game set in Antarctica that features a man named Victor Howard battling... More
  • Blog Post: No Man's Sky's Sean Murray Talks With Insomniac's Ted Price

    One of the most talked-about games of E3 2014 is No Man's Sky from Hello Games , the studio's managing director Sean Murray was showing off the game in a hotel room away from the insanity of the E3 show floor. We spoke with Murray before E3 and he said that he's always wanted to speak with... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show 159: Fuse and Anamanaguchi

    In this episode of the Game Informer Show, we weigh in on the new IP from Insomniac called Fuse before exploring the music of Anamanaguchi. With Matt Helgeson busy once again with top-secret business, video producer Ben Hanson is guest-hosting another episode. In the first segment we are joined by Dan... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Fuse

    Fuse released today, and it maintains the Insomniac legacy of entertaining and unique weaponry. If you've read my review , you know that I found several elements to like despite some disappointments. Check out our new episode of Test Chamber below to hear my talk in more detail about the new release... More
  • Blog Post: Live Stream – Fuse

    Today marks the release of Insomniac's new IP, and you can read my review of it here . Fuse can be a ton of fun when playing multiplayer, and we're hoping to capture some of its craziness during our live stream today. Another Game Informer editor and myself will be teaming up starting at 4pm... More
  • Blog Post: Insomniac's Giant Leap: Developing Disruptor And Spyro The Dragon

    We were more than happy to talk to Insomniac's CEO about their upcoming game called Fuse , but we couldn't help ourselves from diving into the studio's outstanding earlier games. There's a lot of stellar ground to cover, but we narrowed it down to Insomniac's leap from their first... More
  • Blog Post: Secret Ingredients: How Insomniac Crafted The Story Of Fuse

    Leaving the world of Ratchet and Clank behind, creative director Brian Allgeier and senior writer TJ Fixman were tasked with creating a universe to house Insomniac's new game, Fuse. The tone of the game has shifted through the last couple of years, but the team at Insomniac is now confident that... More
  • Blog Post: Ted Price Discusses The Evolution Of Fuse And Fan Feedback

    You might remember seeing a trailer for a game called Overstrike at EA's press conference over a year ago, but the team at Insomniac Games remained quiet about the mysterious title until last month. The game has been renamed Fuse and leaves the campy 70s vibe on display in the original trailer behind... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes Of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

    Insomniac’s new North Carolina studio is responsible for the amusing four-player co-op action in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. This developer diary sheds light on the creative minds behind the game and what goes into developing the memorable weapons, locations, and enemies. More
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