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  • Blog Post: Read Our Most Popular E3 2015 Previews

    E3 has come and gone and it left us plenty excited, so excited that we filled our website with tons of previews. Keeping track of everything isn't easy during the show. We complied our most popular E3 2015 previews just in case you missed out on reading about one of your most anticipated games, or... More
  • Blog Post: Forget Assassin’s Creed Hitman Is The Real Assassin Of E3 2015

    With Hitman: Absolution, Io-Interactive hit on a winning formula in creating a series of small sandboxes for players to explore, sneak through and MacGyver their way to assassinate their target. For Io-Interactive’s first Hitman game on the newest batch of consoles, the studio is sticking to this... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Disguises That Shouldn’t Work But Did

    Getting around without your enemies recognizing you is a key component in many games. Often times, our heroes don a disguise in order to hide their identities and sneak around. In some cases, however, the disguises are so weird or outlandish that they just shouldn’t work. We take a look at a few... More
  • Blog Post: See Hitman: Absolution's E3 2012 Chinatown Demo

    A dozen Hitman: Absolution kiosks at E3 2012 presented the perfect opportunity to sit back and watch the different assassination techniques play out. Some players try to aggressively gun their way through Chinatown on the way to their target, while others go for a more stealthy approach. We talked to... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate The Holiday Weekend With Gaming's Easter Eggs

    It's timely that this week has been filled with news stories about hidden Easter eggs. We've learned recently about singing turrets in Portal 2 and hidden fights in Mortal Kombat, and it got us thinking about some of our favorite Easter eggs from gaming's past. Take a look at some of the... More
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