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  • Blog Post: The Sleeper Simulant Is The Taken King's Biggest Mystery, See It In Action

    When we first posted this article on Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon during our month-long cover story for The Taken King, little did we know how elusive the weapon would turn out to be. Even as Destiny fans have continued to uncover new secrets in The Taken King, as of this writing, no... More
  • Blog Post: Five Insane Shootout Films That Deserve Video Game Adaptions

    Recently, Starbreeze announced plans to help develop a VR game based in the universe established by the 2014 film, John Wick . This is a fantastic idea as the film is full of exciting action and gunfights as well as a surprisingly strange universe that I would love to know more about. John Wick isn’t... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Video Game Pistols

    From Doom to The Last of Us, we often begin video games clutching a humble handgun. Games tend to throw shotguns and machine guns at players along the way, but sometimes the modest pistol remains your best friend through much of the quest. We take a look at the trusty handguns wielded by heroes like... More
  • Blog Post: Currency And Customization In The Devil's Cartel

    Earning cash has always been an important part of Army of Two games, as it’s your means of acquiring new weapons and modifying your current ones. Suppressors, stocks, and attachments were available in spades to make that assault rifle or grenade launcher even more deadly. While you’ll still... More
  • Blog Post: Spoiled! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Tons of gamers skip past each Call of Duty game's mile-a-minute single-player campaign and get straight to shooting fools in the face online. Whether you're one these folks or are avoiding the game altogether, you missed out on one of the most brutal finales in Call of Duty history. Here, let... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Game Informer Demolish Cars With A Tank And Shoot Guns

    If you were to drive by Kasota, Minnesota, a sleepy town of only 675, you wouldn't guess that mighty steel beasts and a militia's worth of firearms lay in wait for adventure seekers. Game Informer had the privilege of visiting Drive a Tank, a destination for thrill seekers, would-be tank pilots... More
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